Amber is a 2 x Emmy Award Winning host and producer. Having taken home trophies over two consecutive years for her role in travel show, Private Islands and tech show, Boys Toys. 

These are just two of the shows Amber is currently the face and driving force behind. After moving to LA, she and her stunt-man husband started a production company 'Edge and Elegance Entertainment' where they quickly acquired and developed multiple shows worldwide. As the executive producer and host of these projects, there is little down time for the globe trotter. Although she says the amazing locations and things she gets to experience and showcase to the world make the long hours and hard work all worth it. 

Adding to what was already a busy schedule, Amber has also recently become a mother of two beautiful boys. Who already have quite the passport portfolio. 

When she's not filming, being a mum or bouncing between time zones, Amber continues to work closely with local charities and nonprofits throughout Los Angeles, supporting families impacted by cancer.  

Originally from a small, tropical island off the eastern coast of Australia, Amber exemplifies the chic island lifestyle she grew up on. But don't let this laid back nature fool you - she's a true thrill-seeker at heart! Always seeking adventure both on and off camera with her boys (husband included in the reference 'boys').