Recently I had the pleasure of dining at Entwine Restaurant on the Gold Coast, as part of a review for The Great Aussie Bite. I’m no easy critic – I believe the experience is just as important as the food put in front of me. In saying that, a memorable evening is exactly what was served up.

Yes the food was delicious and the wine was perfectly paired, but what made Entwine worthy of telling my friends was the ‘story’ the staff created. I was told exactly what region my food came from and more importantly why. I was told how the wine would complement the food and I was offered something unique; something no one else was offering. Both in my main meal and at dessert.

To me the only down fall was its location. I personally would prefer to be listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore than the bells of poker machines – but that’s not to say it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

You can read my full review on The Great Aussie Bite.

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