Hiking The Hollywood Hills

Apart from being known for the long list of celebrities that call Los Angeles home, L.A. is also a city renowned for it’s beautiful beaches, beautiful weather and beautiful people! So it’s no surprise that both locals and tourists alike feel inspired to enjoy some outdoor fitness while they’re here. Hiking is among the favourites for many reasons.

Unlike many other cities around the world you don’t need to venture too far to find a track. In fact, most of them are just on the edge of town. Which leads to my next point. Given the trails close proximity to the city, they also offer some of the best vantage points of LA’s most iconic landmarks like the Hollywood sign. So it’s the perfect combination of sightseeing and calorie burning! Finally, you don’t need to be an experienced hiker to take on the trails as most of them are listed as easy to moderate.

New to the city and eager to explore - I was keen to get amongst the trend. The fact that I was staying in Hollywood made Griffith Observatory an obvious choice as it was only a $6 Uber to get there (don't let that fool you, it was still a 15-minute uphill drive and I was saving my energy for the trails).

What I loved about the observatory were the number of twists and turns you could take, with each trail leading to a different summit or outlook. Offering almost 360-degree views out over ‘the Valley’ to the North, down to Redondo Beach in the South and inland towards Pasadena.

You’re also sure to see plenty of tourists trying to get a snap of the Hollywood sign behind them here! However, don’t expect to get too close without a pretty decent walk. I’m told the best place for this all-essential happy holiday snap is near Lake Hollywood Park at 3204 Canyon Lake Drive, LA.

For a full list Los Angeles BEST hiking trails, click here.

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