My Summer 2018 Travel Essentials

Packing my suitcase might be my least favorite thing to do before I head out on a trip – especially if I am gone for weeks on end. The to-do list always seems never-ending, and more often than not, I’m rushing to the airport with no time to spare. After all these years of traveling for work, I seem to have finally nailed down my essentials for a successful trip ahead. When it comes to choosing which items I must have, the goal is for my next destination to feel like home away from home. For this summer’s travel schedule, I’m keeping these items in my bag at all times:

1. Sister & Co. Raw Coconut Lip Tonic – Rose Otto + Cardamom: My secret to preparing for an extended travel stint is to stay healthy and hydrated before the plane even touches down. After hours in flight, under all that pressurized oxygen, your skin can start to feel pretty gross. To keep lips moisturized and feeling quenched, the Raw Coconut Lip Tonic from Sister & Co. is definitely a life-saver. It’s all-natural, nourishing ingredients keep my lips feeling replenished, even on the longest of flights.

2. Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist: Your skin can really take a beating after countless hours in the sun, and this weightless mist does the trick for easily applying SPF. Whether applied beforehand as a base for my makeup, or reapplying after hours of filming outdoors, I struggled for years to find sun protection that not only lasted, but wasn’t greasy or made my skin look oily on camera. This simple little spray preserves my foundation and my skin, even while underwater.

3. Clarins Tonic Body Polisher: This body polisher is the main reason I look forward to a hot shower after a long day of filming. Whether it’s dried out from the ocean’s salt water, or just feels less than vibrant thanks to the dust and grime that comes with filming for Boys Toys, my skin always appreciates a nice exfoliant. Packed with essential oils and ingredients like hazelnut and shea, this body polish not only exfoliates, but it also moisturizes, leaving skin feeling silky smooth. Plus, the glow it leaves on your skin seriously makes you feel like an island goddess!

4. Ouai Wave Spray: When filming across different time zones, outside in the elements, you never know what you’re going to get when it comes to good or bad hair days. This texture

inducing wave spray is a blessing in a bottle when I find myself short on time, or simply at a loss styling my hair in a new climate. For a fun, beach-y look with minimal effort, this wave spray does the trick. It’s extremely lightweight and passes test for a full day of filming. The waves last long after we’ve wrapped, and my hair still smells like a breezy island retreat hours later.

5. Seafolly Swimwear: Last but definitely not least, my Seafolly swimsuits! I can find myself living in swimmers for days on end when filming for Private Islands, and the selection of Seafolly suits seems endless. As a native to Australia, and true island girl at heart, I've been a Seafolly girl for years! They have so many different patterns which can be mixed and matched, but the entire line is customizable and really caters to any and every body type - the perfect swimwear line when you truly want to look good, feel good, and just enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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