“I first met Amber when she was in her final year of university, during an internship with Channel Nine. Her drive and passion made her stand out and led to work with the Network when she graduated; covering news stories as a journalist as well as writing and presenting the Weather segment for Nine Gold Coast News. Not only is Amber a great journalist, but her bubbly and friendly personality and attention to detail make her a great person to work with.”

Brian Russel - Channel Nine Gold Coast



“Right from the start of working with Amber Wyatt, it became apparent to me that she really has a desire to not just to do her job, but to genuinely assist us for the best result. When we started doing property videos together I was a total novice and rather nervous about the process, Amber just kept positive and coached me through from start to finish. We now get them in one take, thanks to Amber. Amber is perfectly presented, very well spoken and also has a great work ethic. The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive too, she engages with them exceptionally well at the property and this really helps them enjoy the experience as well.”

Glenn Bool, McGrath Estate Agents

“From the first time we meet Amber, we knew she was the perfect fit for CB. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she’s professional and easy going; making her a pleasure to work with! Her energetic and playful nature ensures there’s never a full moment at one of our shoots – we’re always looking forward to the next one!”

Courtney Dempster, Owner - CB Accessories

“Amber Wyatt is professional, creative and enthusiastic in her approach to marketing and media management. Her product knowledge combined with her vibrancy makes her a terrific presenter and event host.”

Taltarni Vineyards

“Amber Wyatt is a great lively person to work with. She presents herself as both a strong and elegant women, who is adventurous and loves to discover new things on her travels. What we love about working with Amber is that she is always up for a challenge, puts 110% into her work, and most of all has an extremely uplifting smile! She’s never afraid to have a bit of a giggle while remaining professional when she needs to!  We are always extremely excited to see Amber travel far and live pure!”

Pure Brandz

I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with Amber during her time at PlatinumHD. I’ve seen her develop into an extremely confident, competent, dedicated, understanding and intelligent presenter and valued member of the company. She has been able to develop strong relationships quickly with clients due to her work ethic and approachability. Her happy and easy going  nature make working together fun.”

Michael Suzor, Senior Cinematographer - PlatinumHD


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"Amber's laughter is like a song. We chose her to be the face of Eco Tan as she has the same values and ethos of our company. Her eyes sparkle and you can sense her kindness when she walks into a room. Amber is more comfortable being bare foot than in heels, a woman after our own heart. "

Sonya Driver, Eco Tan Founder